Admissions Policies


As part of the application and registration process, the school shall require the parent(s) to provide copies of the student’s health records including an up-to-date immunization record. In addition, all applications must be accompanied by a copy of the student’s official transcript and standardized test scores if applicable.



As part of the application process, students may be asked to take an assessment exam and do an interview with school personnel. Assessments data is used to ensure the proper placement and to provide a baseline for ways in which the school could support the student in his/her learning. Parents are required to may be asked to have a sit-down interview with the administration prior to acceptance.

Applications remain on file throughout the school year for which the application is completed. Parents will be notified by mail regarding acceptance or non-acceptance.



Tuition assistance funds are available to qualified families who are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations. Please contact the admissions department or administration for more information.



Students must show up-to-date proof of required immunizations by the submission of a current California School Immunization Record (this can be provided by the physician). The school expects all new and continuing students to be immunized according to current California guidelines. Medical exemptions for enrollment may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Medical exemptions can only be issued through The California Immunization Registry Medical Exemption website of the CDPH (CAIR-ME) by physicians licensed in California: This policy is subject to change as laws are amended. Questions regarding immunizations should be directed to the principal.



Upon notice by parents/guardians of withdrawal of a student, an exit interview must also take place with the principal.


Applicants from China

Students from China can apply directly to Renaissance Academy or are invited to collaborate with the Minton Education LLC. If you choose to work with Minton, you can contact the Minton Education.