Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Renaissance Academy provides a distinctive educational program and a special place for students to learn, grow, and prepare for life. We address our students’ unique needs including English Language Learning, as well as individual learning styles. Students demonstrate the intellectual curiosity and growth mindset needed for success in their studies and in modern society. We expect the graduates of Renaissance Academy to exhibit the following:

Growth mindset:
* Recognize that abilities develop through hard-work and initiative
* Establish goals and be accountable to achieve those goals
* Understand that success is not achieved overnight but through determination and grit

Critical thinking:
* Develop self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking
* Engage in a rigorous academic program that demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and mathematics

Global citizenship:
* Exhibit empathy and compassion for those with different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints
* Respect diversity, learn and work effectively in a multicultural setting
* Foster peace through communication and collaboration