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Learning How to Learn
Introduces children to the basics of how to study. They learn to overcome study barriers and apply what is learned in life.

How to Use a Dictionary
Teaches the basics of using a dictionary including locating misunderstood words, key words, pronunciation and more. It is an essential learning tool for every student who is learning how to be a better student.

Study Skills for Life
Provides the basics of how to study for the middle school student, covering each of the “barriers to study” which, when overcome, enable a student to grasp any subject and apply what is learned.

Grammar and Communication
Provides the clear explanations of English Grammar, teaching skills in verbal and written communication that will serve the student throughout his life.

The Basic Study Manual
Gives student a comprehensive education in how to study. Suitable for high school students and  young adults, the Basic Study Manual is a vital tool to develop the foundation of knowledge that every student needs to achieve greater competence and confidence in life.

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