Standards of Excellence  

Renaissance Academy provides the strong foundation of academic excellence fulfilling College Preparatory standards. A firm foundation of knowledge is put in place for each student.

Academic Testing
Students are tested and interviewed to determine academic level of performance.  A personal program is then prepared to advance the student through each grade. Renaissance Academic standards surpass national standards at every level.

The very highest-quality tutoring is available for math and reading. Our in-house tutors work with the students to remedy any lack in their prior education and to renew their desire to learn. After-school tutoring for students in other schools is also offered. The results are remarkable.

We also offer an English as a Second Language program. Renaissance Academy is authorized under Federal Law to enroll foreign students with I-20 visas. Our foreign student body is an asset to the campus and as they learn English and about America, we learn about their countries and cultures. Approximately 30% of our current student body are foreign students.

Successes from Parents and Students

"The knowledge I now have will be with me forever."

"I went through school for eleven years – I was complacent with it. I chose Renaissance Academy for my final year of school. I loved it as soon as I arrived. I have honestly learned more in the past six months than in all my previous years of schooling. I realized that I had retained next to nothing (though I had an "A" average) from my past education. At Renaissance, I was offered the priceless knowledge of the only proper way to study. The knowledge I now have will be with me forever." BG (Student)

"Thank you for what you have given him, a love of learning!"

"I want to let you know how absolutely impressed my husband and I have been with Billy's progress. He truly enjoys studying for the first time. He has always been a great student but has never been excited and overjoyed to study. Thank you for what you have given him, a love of learning! Thank you!"
MG (Parent)

"Another remarkable thing is her confidence has risen phenomenally."

"Marisa's ability to speak clearly has vastly improved thanks to the phonics help she has been given by her teacher. It was precisely what she needed. She just needed to understand sounds and a small class size in which she could get one-on-one attention.That's something she'd never get in a public school environment. Another remarkable thing is her confidence has risen phenomenally. A once rather shy child around others she didn't know well, I'm amazed at how confident she is around peers that she has just met."
TH (Parent)




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